'Various' Janek Schaefer : 1995 - 2005 Compilation

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.Track Listing:

.1 : His Masters Voices /1997/
*1948 TS Elliot poem extract played 3 times at once on my Tri-Phonic Turntable

.2: Cold Storage [edit] /2003/
*Begining track of my site specific composition for a cold storage chamber in Rome

.3: Recorded Delivery [5min edit] /1995/
*A sound activated tape recorder travelling through the post for Brian Eno show

.4 : Is this Just...[?] /2003/
*Short track in protest of War commissioned by a Japanese label

.5 : Valsuka Vauban's 'A day in the good life' /2003/
*Composition using sounds collected in several cities in Europe over 6 months

.6: Ring Tone /2005/
*A locked groove ring tone you can download for your fancy phone via web - see my site

.7 : Skate [Edit] /2002/
*Award winning collage of sounds made with my 'random play' Skate LP

.8 : Short Work /2003/
*1.8 sec layered compression of a 1000 year composition by Jem Finer

.9: Call Jet Mistry /1999/
*Composition on analogue patch bay synthesizer inspired by a mans name at a lift company

.10: Love Song [Stockhausen tribute CD mix] /2003/
*Collage of every women in my family singing the word Love. Dreamt on honeymoon

.11 : Metal Strings [with Mark from Rothko] /2001/
*Track made with sounds sourced from only a set of Bass guitar strings

.12 : The Long Good Friday /2002/
*Commissioned reworking of music about the city of Belfast

.13: Lullaby Duel /2004/
*FInal track on my collaboration CD with Philip Jeck made in Athens and Istanbul

.14: Weather Report [edit] /2003/
*A found sound story heard as a voice message from a drifting weather balloon!

.15: Rapid Xativa /2002/
*A track from my CD 'Pulled Under'

.16 : World Record [7" edit] /2003/
*My World Record on my 33.1/3rd birthday for breaking the most number of records

.17: Minneapolis 'Office Max' Messages /2003/
*Sounds left on the display model of a digital Dictaphone l bought in USA

.18: Ever Ending Story /1997/
*Early plunderphonic collage to see the day away - released on Japanese 100 copy LP 2005