'12 Tone Turntable'
T-shirt design (c) 2004

An edition of only 50 hand printed, highest quality red T-shirts.

Special Edition by
| Janek Schaefer |

Just 10 of these will be issued as a signed & numbered edition -
Only available from the audiOh! Kiosk.

One Size: Large

[Chest is 107-112cm
US 42-44: European 52-54]

Designed to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Tri-Phonic Turntable

Classic 70's style T-shirt with no side seams

Product Info:

current recordings

array' composer T-shirt series

Created by j.frede in LA to bring you hand printed
T-shirts from composers who also work as designers.
Each print will only be available in a very limited run of 50 pieces.

Summer Season 2004

Janek Schaefer
(sub rosa, fat cat records, audiOh!)

Steve Roden
(trente oiseaux, sirr, line/12k)

John Hudak
(alluvial Recordings, intransitive recordings, and-oar)


Product Brochure !

audiOh! friend Ed, at 3500m up in the Atlas Mountains