Orders EP Split 12" with Christopher Flores on Snail Article [Apestaartje/New York] 2004

Janek Schaefer: 12" with printed info insert
Snail Article: SA02
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Play extract: 'Metal Strings' [with Real Audio]
Play composition extract: 'Love Song': [with Real Audio]

Track Listing:
Side B: Janek Schaefer
1. Wind Up
2. Short Work [locked groove]
3. Sheen
4. Love Song
5. Metal Strings

Side A: Christopher Flores : 2 tracks of abstract beauty made form real and allusionary piano sounds.
1. M.O.R.T
2. Edits for Piano

Press Info:

'Orders' EP is a selection of janek's commissioned work for installations, web sites collaborations and conceptual remix projects.

1 Wind Up:
A miniature 60 second vinyl prelude created for the Hong Kong based www.60seconds.org

2 Short Work: [Locked Groove]
Jem Finer, a guitarist from The Pogues, invited me to do a remix of his 1000 year long continuous composition titled Longplayer. I was asked to chose a 10 minute extract to work with which I then divided up into a series of 1.8 second segments using my audiOh!Splicer software. This technique tries to simulate the ability of a photograph to capture the essence of a situation in a fraction of time. By playing all of the 333.3 individual1.8 second segments simultaneously, what you hear is the total audio content of the original extract heard at once in the single revolution of a record cut as an endless locked groove. www.longplayer.org

3 Sheen:
Sheen was composed for the Italian Tu M'P3 website series. I was asked to compose a track in response to a unique image that they sent me which you can view at their site. www.tu-m.com

4 Love Song:
Love Song was composed for an installation at the Toon4 Festival in Holland, April 2003. The idea began a few weeks previously, when I awoke from a dream while on honeymoon in South Africa. My eyes blinked open at the crack of dawn with the idea fully formed in my head. It seems that love was in the air. My newly extended family now had seven women in it, ranging in age from 7 to 60. I asked each of them to sing the word 'Love' 7 separate times at 7 different pitches. These pitches were chosen absolutely randomly by each singer, and they were asked to hold the notes for as long as they possibly could. Each relative was recorded alone in a different space, and as the mother of my new bride was poorly at the time I recorded her over the phone which added a lovely lo-fi texture to her voice. Using these 49 various versions of tone as building blocks I constructed a two phase piece using only stereo and volume editing. In phase one, the pitches continuously rise and fall together morphing their personal relationships as daughters meld into sisters into mothers and grand daughters etc. In phase two each voice harmonises with itself. By the end Love is sung a total of 220 times. Many thanks to the singers, Sofia Tavener, Theodora Tavener, Sarah Palmer, Catherine Schaefer, Maryanna Tavener, Barbara Palmer and Mary Malecka.

5 Metal Strings:
Bassist Mark Beazley from the London band Rothko suggested that we work together, so I asked him to remove his 4 guitar strings and bring them to my studio to create the source sounds for the track, and the result was composed on screen over a couple of happy days together.
All work copyright of Janek Schaefer/audiOh! Recordings except track 4, J.Schaefer/M.Beazley.
Further information and images: www.audiOh.com. Contact: Janek@audiOh.com



Vital list, (The Netherlands) [FdW]
...'Orders EP' consists of five 'ordered' pieces: collaborations and commissions, all of which are funnily described on the insert, like when Schaefer works together with the bass player from Rothko, he asks him to remove the strings of his bass and takes them to the studio. Or 'Love Song', the word love sung by seven different women in various pitches, which are edited together to form a vast mass of sound. The shortest piece is a locked groove, based on 333.3 parts of a 10 minute recording. Nicely, dense, atmospheric recordings.

Forced Exposure, (USA)

Janek Schaefer's Orders EP collects five pieces ranging in sound from the crackle and hiss of record debris, to the carefully layered hum of bass, to a chorus of family members singing the word love. The record also features a meticulously edited locked groove created using Schaefer's custom made audioh!Splicer software. An extremely diverse EP that effectively carries the listener from one sonic environment to another.
This split LP marks the first release from Baltimore resident Christopher Flores. After touring throughout the US with various post rock and experimental bands, Flores has recently focused more on solo activities, blurring the lines between acoustic and digital composition. Although the opening track, 'M.O.R.T.', is created purely in the digital realm one begins to hear gently plucked strings, soft bells and waves of radio beneath it's tactile surface. In the second track, 'Edits for Piano' Flores creates an intricately defined landscape using only piano as source. Within this overall sound, delicate melodies begin to form as distortion slowly swells to the surface.