His Master's Voices Hand lathed transparent LP 1997 [+ Remastered Black CDR 2002]

The Nylon Km [my recording alias until after this release]
audiOh! Archive : audiOh! 04

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Track Listing:
A1. His Master's Voices
A2. Chop Heart
A3. Startle Bath
A4. Foreground Blink

B1. Erans
B2. Multiplex Plaza
B3. Sablon Inferno
B4. ...is waiting in the wings

Total running time: 37:30

33 copy vinyl pressing - 1997 sold out
CDR remaster - 2002 sold out
Audiofile Download Available from the audiOh! Kiosk

Press Notes Oct 2002

This is the first release that I produced. The music consists of my first ever compositions using the Tri-Phonic Turntable, so all the tracks were performed live. It is packaged in a black sleeve with black polylined inner. The LP was hand lathed by King Records in New Zealand and was cut in reverse so that the music plays from the inner to the outer edge. It should play on a standard turntable, but I can't guarantee it as they all have a mind of their own! The quality of this cut means that the groove is very shallow and the stereo music was reproduced in mono. All this now gives the quality of the music an antique and very fragile feel. Finally now, it feels appropriate to make it available as a reflective and historical audiOh! Archive release. The record itself is most likely a more visually appealing rather than sonically successful object hence it comes with a remastered Black CDR of the original music to highlight the differences in the audio as it is hand lathed to vinyl, particularly the stereo element so important to the Tri-Phonic concept.

The music has a quite raw live quality and was created during august 1997 for my first international concert [in Brussels alongside Project Dark] at the 'Cyber Theatre' [now a multiplex cinema complex!]. I wanted to be able to play my own compositions on the Tri-Phonic in performance, so I found the cheapest place in the world to have a two sided, transparent LP made. This did have an impact on the audio quality though.

For me, 'His Master's Voices' is the most interesting track on the album. It's a very simple and clear demonstration of the multi-arm simultaneous play back of the Tri-Phonic Turntable, and was the fist Plunderphonic collage I ever recorded on it. T.S.Elliot reads an extract in mono from his 1944 poem, 'The Four Quartets' which ponders on 'Time', past and present. Taking the spacing of the tone-arms as a basic delay device set out on a single copy of the LP, each output is panned across the stereo field which in turn 'amplifies' the content of the prose. 'Erans' ['Snare' backwards] was made in a similar way using a percussion sample LP played a various points in reverse at differing speeds. The other tracks were my initial explorations into sound collage sourced from vinyl.