"Childhood Melodies" Audiofile Release [audiOh!31]

Compilation of music mostly from the 30's to the 80's

presented to you by the Lucky Dip Disco ... for a sound start in life ...

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please tell me your experiences with the results in your kids kingdom
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Track Listing:

01 : Oompa Loompa
02 : Bing! Bang! Bong! (Houseboat)
03 : The Bare Necessities
04 : The Flumps
05 : We're Off To See The Wizard
06 : Top Cat
07 : Always Look On the Bright Side
08 : Ivor the engine
09 : Nellie the elephant [45rpm]
10 : Bagpuss
11 : Somewhere Over The Rainbow
12 : Do Re Mi [78rpm]
13 : Hickory Dickory Dock [78rpm]
14 : Little Black Rain Cloud [45rpm]
15 : Magic Roundabout
16 : Looney Tunes
17 : The Clangers
18 : Trumpton
19 : Batman

20 : Laughing Policeman
21 : ABC of Sound [45rpm]
22 : Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
23 : Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
24 : Captain Pugwash
25 : Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
26 : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star [78rpm]
27 : Puff The Magic Dragon [45rpm]
28 : Wacky Races
29 : The Banana Splits
30 : Star Trek
31 : The Ugly Bug Ball
32 : Paddington Bear
33 : Windy Miller
34 : D.I.S.C.O
35 : Bewitched
36 : The Pink Panther
37 : If you're happy and you know it
38 : Pearl & Dean

Running time: 71.00


I have been collecting old children's music for my own children, and for use in my Lucky Dip Disco adventures for all ages.
Educating the next generation in the origins of childhood music from a very different era to now.
Mostly from the 30's to 80's, before the dawn of 'one man and his synth' and then everything went into hyper hyper vibe.
I love the delightful old world character. Music performed together live on instruments by musicians with old skool skills.
Transcribed from my 45's, 78's, LP's, and the www.
Simple melodies and a great sense of warmth, naivety and nostalgia. happy music.
I want to share this with you all. Pass it on to your children and friends please.
This is not my music, but my taste in music.

Amazing music if you are 3, 33, 45 or 78 !!! Revel in it.

'Childhood Melodies CD'
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NOTE ***
Not for Profit Public Domain Compilation
Please consider making a donation to the charity Childline who give children a window of hope in hard times. Run by the NSPCC.
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Hi Janek,

Also I must tell you that we've been listening to the compilation "Childhood
Melodies"(with my child) on the way to school, she is 13 year old, and she
told me that the songs put her in a very good mood, thanks for it.
Other thing is that was a very surprise thing to find between the tracks the
song of Monty Python' Life of Brian'. Did you listen when you were a child?,
did the other english childs do?, frankly it tells me a lot of thing that, and
very pssitive ones, i like a lot your "British humour" and if you listen to
Always see the bright side of life , that means that you are a great person
for me.... well that's it all   (excuse my spanglish)

until the next contact

all the best

jaime baeza




Thank you Janek for a wonderful party for Molly 6th birthday
It was the best party she's had ... !