Belfast Songs Book + CD produced by Factotum, Ireland.

Various Artists remix original music and songs about Belfast.

...Play track: 'The Long Good Friday!': [with Real Audio]

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Press Notes

This is a 62 page B/W graphic book with 14 essays and a CD of 14 remixes produced around the music and songs of traditional Belfast themes.
Beautifully packaged in a heavy card sleeve.

THE BOOK 14 writers on 14 songs
Daniel Jewsbury, Aaron Kelly, Paul Muldoon, Will Bradley, Leontia Flynn, om lekha, Chris Magee, Colin Graham, Suzanna Chan, Richard West, Glenn Patterson, Stuart Watson, John Gray and Martin McLoone.

WRITE ABOUT Stiff Little Fingers, Elton John, Simple Minds, Orbital, Crass, Pretty Things, Golden Palominos, Spandau Ballet, James Taylor, Nanci Griffiths, Van Morrison and Shock Treatment.

The songs range from historical folk songs such as the Ballad of William Bloat (about a murderer on the Shankill road) to recent pop songs (Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet) taking in James Taylor, Boney M, Elton John and Nancy Griffiths on the way. Discover some long forgotten punk classics (like Belfast Telegraph by Shock Treatment) and the real meaning of Belfast Cowboys by Pretty Things.

1. Intro
2. Janek Schaefer, 'The Long Good Friday'
3. Barry's Electric Workshop
4. Jansky Noise
5. Harald 'sack' Zeigler
6. darreninjapan
7. Slender Whitman feat. MC Seadog
8. r.FOR
9. Jimmy Swish and the Balloons
10. Twitch
11. Jackie Fullertones
12. Barry Cade
13. The Evolution Control Committee
14. V/VM
15. The Dogs Body

Total running time: 61:22

'The Long Good Friday' was constructed from the following material:

>Drum role into bullets: The Wolfe Tonnes 'The Belfast brigade'
>"Belfast" shouts: Shock Treatment 'Belfast Telegraph'
>"Belfast" single shout: The Androids 'Bondage in Belfast'
>"I've Had Enough": Mama's Boys 'Belfast City Blues'
>Drone notes: Henry Joy
>Tonal textures: Pretty things 'Belfast Cowboys'
>Floating Blips: James Taylor 'Belfast'
>"Streets of Orange and Green": Pretty Things 'Belfast Cowboys'
>"To be free": Pretty Things 'Belfast Cowboys'
>Applause into Riot Chant: The Dubliners 'Black Velvet Band'

Composed at the audiOh!Room 5th November 2002.
Time: 4:33.
Public Domain.