'60 sound artists protest the war' CD compilation

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60 sound artists protest the war released by ATAK Japan

My track:

'Is this Just' is one of those coincidences - having been asked to write a one minute piece about the Iraq War of 2003 I switched on the TV in a hotel in Sweden to find BBC news playing the original footage of John Simpson in the middle of being bombed by US troops. It's called friendly fire. This is when your own troops attack you accidentally. Members of his team and the convoy were killed, he was hit in his bullet proof vest, and I pressed record. The track is a reworking of this event and of his commentary. Originally he says.."This is just one of those things that happens in war I suppose" So in my version it comes out instead as..." Is this just one of those things that happens in war, I pose?"....... Is this Just indeed.....

Press Release:

1 minute compositions by:
aelab: akira yamamichi: andreas tilliander: aoki takamasa: bernhard guenter: burkhard stangl: carsten nicolai: christof kurzmann: christophe charles: carl michael von hausswolff: coh: doron sadja: evala fennesz: frank bretschneider: franz pomassl: freiband: go taneda: goodipal: hideki nakazawa: i8u: janek schaefer: john hudak: jos smolders: keiichiro shibuya: keith rowe + toshimaru nakamura: kenneth kirschner: kim cascone: kimken: klon: maria masahiro: miwa: masami akita(merzbow): m.behrens: mikael stavostrand: miki yui: minimalistic sweden: mitchell akiyama: mondii: motor: nao tokui+take3tsu nagano: numb: pix: radboud mens: richard di santo: roel meelkop: saidrum: shirtrax vs. shirtrax: slipped disk: steinbruchel: stephan mathieu: steve roden: stilluppsteypa: taeji sawai: thomas lehn: tv pow: william basinsk:i yamataka-eye: yasunao tone: yuji takahashi:

mastering : kimken(kimken studio) design : myeong-hee-lee(matt,ATAK) + ryoji tanaka(ATAK) direction : maria (ATAK)
Compiled and produced by keiichiro shibuya.

Running time: 60:00
Released July 2003


Vital list, (The Netherlands) [Meelkop Roel]

Well, the title really says it all: this CD contains 60 tracks by 60 artists and they are all protesting the war (the war in question being the invasion of Iraq by the so called allied forces), simply by being present on this disc. The initiative for this compilation came from Keiichiro Shibuya, himself a musician and working for the ATAK label. Of course, it is easy for people to come up with a one minute sound bite and yes, it has been done before, but somehow, this sampler seems to be better than the others I have heard before. This is probably due to the artists involved and the order in which they are presented (even if this was decided entirely randomly). It would go way too far to name them all, although that could be enough for many people to order the CD at once. Let me suffice to say that everybody that matters is on it (well, almost everybody) and that it is a pleasure to listen to. It was my personal pleasure to listen with the cover in my hand and try to guess who's who. At which I failed miserably of course........All those opposing the aforementioned war will have to buy it anyway, so all the others will have to depend on its quality. Very well done! (MR)