" The Sporting Guide to The Speed of Sound "

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39 minutes 256kbps MP3
audiOh! Recordings sleeveless release 2007

Live collage composition at the David Wallace Sports Hall
Loughborough University, 2nd Dec 2007
Radar Arts Project


A commission to produce a new live site specific concert in Loughborough Sports University. Made with mic recordings, xylophone,
cymbals, rolling sports balls and bats etc, my twin turntable with vinyl collection, mini discs, effects pedals, and mackie mixer.

I spent a day exploring the university for a space to play and chose this big sports hall with a suspended wooden floor.
I then returned and made recordings of all sorts of sport balls and objects traveling across the hall floor.
I raided the music department instrument store and vinyl collection.
Armed with this I spent time in the studio working on new material.
The result is more of a collage concert than usual.
Sound sources and audio references are recognisable.

I set up the space for the audience to lie on mats in a pool of red light.
I found a great goal in the store, so played from the goal line.
The concert began with the lowering of the basket ball nets from the ceiling,
and ended with the essential Torville and Dean's ice skating Balero.

The audience feedback was warm inquisitive and appreciative

Audience Review

click here to preview a mini collage from the release
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