Inaugral Concert @ Narnia Concert Film
Janek Schaefer released by Frameless, Munich May 2021


/// catalogue : #audiOh!53 /// Half Hour plus introduction

I received a commission from the Frameless Festival in Munich to perform and film a concert at home during Corona era.

The film marks a phase of transiition in my life, so it became about marking that moment, in context.

I perfomered at dawn in my new studio having just created my first ever tape loop, which opens the film.


Temporary Residence
I really admire and adore the intimacy of the film in Narnia, it's a love;y watch and listen, thank you.

Hannah Lamacroft
This is totally hypnotic. a touch haunting and incredibly beautiful. It has just transported me from my desk to somewhere far away, the power of music and a great talent.

Martin Franklin
This is gorgeous Janek!

Dan Francis