'Early Electronic Compositions' 7"

Janek Schaefer
Tonschacht series: catalogue no. tons016 : http://www.Tonschacht.com/
Edition of 500
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Track Listing:
A. Call Jet Mistry: 4:05 [1999]
B. The World of dR Mm [soundtrack mirror mix]: 3:32 [1998]

Sleeve notes:

Both of these compositions were produced while I was working freelance for de Rijke Marsh Morgan architects in london. One afternoon I had a message to call a guy named 'Jet Mistry' who worked for the lift company Thyssen. He was a chatty guy so we talked about names etc, and I decided to dedicate a track to his as I liked it so much. This was produced using an 'RS Integrator' analogue patch bay synthesizer that I'd bought around then with the profits of working a 96 hours week on a new London park competition. Another project we produced at the practice was a quirky, live, stop frame short video showcasing various projects for a touring architecture exhibition. I was asked to edit and produce the sound. Side A is a 7" mix with the spoken sections removed.

Special thanks to Alex, Sadie, Philip, Jet and Wolfgang. Copyright of Janek.