"World Record"

The World Record for breaking the most number of records

Transcription of the Event:

"Good evening everyone at the Portland Arms in Cambridge [UK]....[yelps and audience cheers].
... I am standing in a room and today is my 33 1/3 birthday, the 12th November 2003!
I am about to create a brand new World Record... for breaking the most number of records that I
can with my bare hands - solo. Officially called 'Vinyl Record Smashing' by the Guinness Book of Records
only 100% vinyl can be used in any size... So I decided yesterday to collect old LP's of Traditional
'World Music' from India, Japan, Pakistan, Italy, etc and of course Ireland, the home of Guinness.
My adjudicators can now inspect each disc to check I have not tampered with them... ... ... ... ...
I now only have 30 seconds, so let's see what happens. I have not rehearsed this at all, but let's
face it ... 'Records are made to be broken!!'... [chuckles]... so count me through it... ... ... ... ...

"3,2,1, Go!..1..2..3..4..5.....6..7.....8...9........10......11..12..13..14.......15....16.......17.......STOP!"

Yippeeeeee! It's a new World Record... [Audience goes wild, cheers whistles etc]...

Now I've finished I'm going to collect all the broken pieces from all over the room, melt them down again and
press a series of 7"s using the sound recording of the event and release them in a very limited edition of...17!
The title will of course be.......'World Record'!....... [laughter, appluase and a dash for the bar before closing]..."

Officially approved & entered into
'The Guinness Book of World Records'


Forthcoming Releases

'World Record'
limited edition LP
[audiOh! Recordings]
An LP manufactured from the broken and re-molten World Music LP's used in the record attempt.
The sound is of the World Record taking place. 33 copies will be in fact be pressed in total. A limited edition of
17 will be available for sale via online auction with each of these packed in their original LP sleeves !

The record will come with a CD with the complete audio recordings from the project.
Rough track Listing:

Track 1 > BBC Radio Cambridge 'Drive Time' interview.
Track 2 > Little pre-concert introduction.
Track 3 > 'Old World Records' A live recording of the concert where I used the World Music LP's as source material.
Track 4 > A little post-concert applause and chit chat.
Track 5 > 'World Record' The extended recording of the Record attempt on 12th November 2003.

The LP above just wouldn't break, it was too young and bendy!

The LP below worked much better, you can see the previous one flying off the table.

In addition to the BBC Cambridge local radio interview on the 'Drive Time show' there were
two articles in the Cambridge Evening news, one before and this one after on 21/11/03.

Finally, many thanks to Dave, Jo and Andrew from Bad timing for organising and hosting the
and also to Cos, Chris and Michele for being the officials for this event.

We had a smashing night out...! Oh and applologies for so many puns!


Found This Bootleg video of the event recently