Two by Two by Two by Two by Too many by Too much

'Two by Two by Two by Two by Too many by Too much'
[It would take 4 Worlds to sustain our population pollution by the end of the century]

Installation in Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno in The Canary Islands

[13/07/2007 to 16/09/2007]

Installation as part of the Exhibition 'Weather Report' [artists responses to global warming].

My sound, image and object installation considers the real crisis facing the world - Population Pollution.
On average every time your heart beats there are another 2 humans added to the total world population.
World population has tripled in the last 75 years, and is estimated to double within 40 years,
and it is exponential. We are currently running well over our sustainable limit that the planet
can handle, and this will only get worseas the population explodes. By the end of the century
it is estimated that we would need 4 planet earths to run at a sustainable level....
not too realistic I fear as our species runs with the ethos of More More More More.

World Population Counter
from The Optimum Population Trust

The world’s sustainable population level is around 4.5 billion - a third less than at present.


According to the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish religions, the story of Noah's Ark tells of God observing man's
evil behaviour in our world, and deciding to flood the earth and reboot all life, [ring a bell anyone!]
The most 'successful' yet destructive animals to leave The Ark were 'Noah' and his family unfortunately.
The idea was to start again two by two, but we are unable to escape our instincts.


Exhibition Texts

Every time your heart beats, two extra humans are added to the total world population

It would take 4 Worlds to sustain our population pollution by the end of the century
World population has tripled in the last 75 years

Population Pollution fuels Global Warming
Two by Two by Two by Two is Too many by Too much
Is More More More the only way?

Climate Changes .... we will too


Download the full size film here

Download the full soundtrack from the installation here [MP3]

In the gallery hang 4 giant inflatable see-through rotating globes. A projector shines through them,
casting shadows onto the walls. The images pulse on and off at the rate of a heart beat, alternating
between sequences of human eggs, the sun, hurrican clouds, multiple planets, fire, ice, sky horizons,
and my short summary sentences that illustrate the crisis we have created.
My soundtrack appropriates audio from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and re-weaves them
into one long continuous season, mixed with the sounds of fire, ice, water etc.

Each time a visitor enters the gallery the sound is killed for a second - we all make a difference.

I am lucky I believe, I feel safe and secure, unlike billions of others,
who I imagine also want More More More of everything - it is in our DNA.
My guess is that we will try and build our way out of trouble, buy using more and more resources,
but the real challenge is to desire and require Less Less Less of everything, from the tiniest detail of life.
We take it all for granted and our offspring will not be so lucky as we are right now.

We must all be more tolerant of less than perfection. Limitation breeds creativity afterall.

[a hurrican a human egg and the sun]



World population grows by 1million extra people every five days

All current environmental and global warming issues are fuelled by this Population explosion

I recieve a real pile of uninvited magazines through the post every month about things I can buy for my
baby girl Scarlett. It is true to say that having a child is one of the most un-ecological decisions one can make.
But without doubt, one of the great joys of being alive is to have children and live life to the full. Of course I want
another child too, and so it goes for the vast majority of mankind. We may all soon need to be supported for
100 years on average with the improvements in medicine. David Attenborough informs me that if the entire
current world population lived like I do with my family in the UK, then we would need 3 earths to maintain it,
just at the current level of consumption. We all also enjoy the life style we have invented around us.
We may try to become as efficient as possible, which is the best way, but the sheer increase in our world
population over the coming century will be the ultimate challenge we face.

Humans are the last large species to emerge on earth, and we have only been here for
about 5% of the time the earth has been alive. In only 10,000 years [since the advent of farming],
we have taken control of about 75% of the planet and thrived beyond the point of sustainability.


In the weeks leading up to the opening of the show there have been interesting events.
David Attenborough started a new series called 'Saving Plant Earth'
The Live Earth series of concerts on different continents will broadcast to a third of the worlds populaiton.
Womans Hour did an article about the morality of having more than a 2 child family

Here the BBC Radio 4 article on Population Pollution here
[with Real Audio]


I am at heart a positive optomistic person. It's hard to examine this topic without a sense of forboding.


for lots of more amazing information visit
Optimum Population Trust
The UN Earth Audit Report Oct 2007 [overview and full report link]


The Exhibition


"We are all carbon based life forms, so whatever you do - don't breathe out!"

[Spinal Tap on stage at the Live Earth concert - beautiful irony]

















lets see how interested we all are in this really