'Shuffle Mode'

Site specific Audio Visual Installationfor the opening of the
Threshold Gallery & Perth Concert Hall. Scotland
Oct 2005

22 plasma screens show a series of randomly passing local people on an escalator in town.
I wanted to involve the locals in their brand new concert hall so they became my source material.
They are all wearing heaphones and listening to their iPod's - their own portable concert halls.

Each time the front doors slide open, one of the images flips direction randomly.
Over time the screen becomes a random jumble of bodies merging into each other -
a disorderly visual queuein front of the the ticket office and bar.

Each time the front door slides open it also triggers a randomly selected recording of one of the
locals humming to themselves. This travels along a line of speakers embedded in the foyer floor.
As you sit in the cafe or move in the space the sound passes through you like an acoustic ghost.
Hummm... Humm ..Mmmm...hmmm hummm

'Concert of Concerts'

Innaugral concert in the Threshold Space using classical vinyl to go with the concert hall location.
I asked for some cushions etc so that people could sit down with me on the floor.
What turned up was a pile of old carpet samples... So I arranged them into the obvious shape below.
carpet samples for concert samples


30min film portrait of my record collection covers.
Close ups scanning across dozens of details make a visual narrative to go with the concert.



Many thanks to Richard Ashrowan, Alex Hamilton and illiyana Nedkova and all the Threshold team.