"Secret Service"
[All Creeds All Colours]

Interactive concert for Colourscape

Go hunt for a Secret religious Service hovering in the air to coincide with the Pope's visit to the UK
28 FM transmitters, 16 Retro Radios, One amazing Colourscape
Clapham Common, London, 19th Sept 1-5pm 2010

Secret Service is a musical adventure that invites you to take one of 16 retro Bush radios and to go hunting
for sound within Colourscape... A portable radio will be lent to you, which is tuned into a fixed FM radio frequency.
Hidden around Colourscape are 28 short range FM radio transmitters each broadcasting a series of compositions
and sound recordings on the same frequency. The overlapping soundscape is created from a variety of religious
celebration music for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment and meditation. Among the radio crackle and interference
you should discover serene sounds floating in the air. Discover the multitude of Secret Services that are all
conducted at the same time in different chambers reflecting the glorious cultural melting pot we all share.
The radio sets should not normally need to be adjusted by you, but if you need help there is a
congregation of helpers within Colourscape to retune your dial.

download full festival brochure in pdf