Coda for John Dankworth

Sound Sculpture
exhibited at the Sydney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, May 2010

As a young teenager in the 80's, I used to go to a week long music camp in the grounds of John Dankworth and
Cleo Laine's estate in Buckinghamshire. We camped in tents in a field, and played all sorts of music. This was organised by
The Stables which they had set up to give opportunities to musicians. I knew John and Cleo in passing.

In Feburary this year I was working as artist in residence for the Milton Keynes International Festival organised by The Stables...
I heard one afternoon that John had passed away. I created this composition later that night using a track from an LP by
Cleo Laine and John Williams, and the fading end notes from John's Saxophone.

The piece is presented on six classic portable radios, with the sound being transmitted differently to each set
creating a small swimming pool of sound. A tender tribute to a tender man.