"The Science of Aliens"
Soundtrack for The Science Museum exhibition 2005

"Are we Alone?"

I was invited by The Science Museum to compose an original soundtrack for the first in thier new
series of interactive exhibitions. The exhibition explores the whole culture and science of 'Aliens'.
Divided into 4 Zones, each theme is reflected in the soundtrack.


Alien Fiction
Zone 1
starts off with a jam packed look at the way our own culture and media has represented
the fear of the unknown through time. From talking wolfs in the woods, past Men with fangs lurking
inthe dark, to the mother of them all - The Alien Queen laying her eggs that burst out of your chest.


Alien Science
Zone 2
takes a magnifying glass to our own planet and the extrordinary life we have in our darkest
and mostamazing corners. How have these examples influenced our imagination, and where are we
in the universe?

The big image on the end wall shows just how tiny we are compared to the enormous universe!!!


Alien Worlds
Zone 3
is a projected landscape showcasing a whole array of alien life as designed by scientists.
Based on what we know what could alien life look like. Touch each animated animal to view
information about them. This exhibit was developed with the Channel 4 TV series 'Alien Worlds'

Alien Communication
Zone 4
looks out into space and listens to what is there.
This was my favourite job. I was asked to compose using sounds collected or associated with Space.
Although space is a vacum, sound can be examined out there.
The most fantastic thing that I discovered is that radio waves around Jupiter sound very much like the
ideal sci-fi soundtrack from the 50's. You can play a guessing game with the sounds.


If you want to hear it, then you have to see it.

The exhibition is open in London from the 15th Oct to Jan 26th 2006, then tours our world for 5 years.
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A bit of a dream job this one. My biggest commission to date.

Designed by The Urban Salon