Exhibition Photos

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Special thanks to Camilo Salazar from The Engine Room for the commission
and Abigail Toland from Outside Broadcast for concept development




Janek Schaefer’s ‘Aerial Aria in the Aviary’, especially commissioned for the ‘engine room’, was an extremely popular piece with visitors to the gallery.

Stepping into a bower of birdsong, people were treated to an aural experience of several layers of sound that made up an intricate and evocative landscape. Operatic arias were transformed into a chorus of  trills and warbling, buzzing bees,  a church bell and ambling stream nearby.   

This enchanting installation, vintage radios hanging from branches, where organic greenery gives off an earthy, hay like aroma, transported us away from central London to a rural idyll tempting nostalgia for those childhood summers in a green and pleasant land.
This piece was very well received by all visitors who spent time adsorbed in the installation and expressed true delight.  Technically sound and easy to turn on and off, and maintain throughout the exhibition. Jenek was a pleasure to work with being completely self-sufficient, organised and conscientious.

The work was very unique and visitors commented positively on a regular basis.

It was a pleasure working with and watching Janek at work. He was always very clear about what he was aiming to achieve and on the day of the installation he arrived fully prepared to install his work and tackle any unforeseen challenges; he was completely self-sufficient. We were all very impressed with Janek’s professionalism.


comment : " I wish I could wake up to this every day "