Janek Schaefer presents

"Unlucky Dip Disco"
.The Best Bad party Ever

One person's Cheesy Cringe is another's Cracker Track!

“Unlucky Dip Disco” aims to be the Best Bad Party Ever.
My favourite most popular unpopular tracks are played on endless loop.
70 years of music exploring the Power of 'Unpop' = 7 hours of Real Disco Ball Busters.

There are songs that I will simply never play at my proper Lucky Dip Disco parties,
and these are the ones I am interested in here. So to absolve all responsibility, the audience
act as DJ in the Unlucky Dip Disco, by randomly skipping from one track to the next via the
big cheesy ‘Panic Button’ placed in the centre of the record shaped vinyl dance floor.

The work explores our collective sonic fascination, and subsequent social dynamics, surrounding:
guilty pleasures, annoying novelties, dire dross, cheesy chuckles, ludicrously lame, covers that kill, audio atrocities,
and the cult of crap. Unlucky Dip Disco features a fully working bar, and the outcome may resemble a party in purgatory.

People have U-turned their taxis to return to the party for more pain and gain! Really.
Dress accordingly. Mayhem ensues > ? It's up to you. You have been warned.

"This has meant a lot to me I must admit, it's been a very important moment in my life really!" [John Peel 1982]

: Chart Attack : Hall of Lame :

Beginning my career as an avant garde sound artist, and then also becoming a top party DJ has meant that
I have had to broaden my taste in music massively in recent years, as I learnt the art of making dancers happy.

I am not trying to take the mickey here out of others passions or achievements. I've never had a one hit wonder to be proud of!
I'm not a music snob - and don't look down on the tracks in my list. Most are amazing in one way or another. Many people love them.
Many of them are intensely irritating, but their stories fascinate me, but
I'll never play any of these at the Lucky Dip Disco.

Sound is powerful, as are the high & low cultural references and reactions.
In my research, discussions, and experience - none of us agree unanimously.
That is what fuels the furnace that is The Unlucky Dip Disco






Milton Keynes Gallery Opening Night Photos

Download Audiofile Album

The installation soundtrack compilation

' .You got it infamy? '
Top Hot Unpop

My personal collection of 'Unpop' Music spanning 70 years - 1943 to 2013

[#audiOh!35] Audiofile Album Download & Exhibition Catalogue.pdf $10

available soon

My collection digs deep and wide - A celebration compilation.
Featuring all sorts of amateur auteurs, outsiders and professional prankster tracks about things like:

Worms, making love to Jesus, bombing the enemy while they sleep, muskrats, trucks, babies, fog, race, robots, fish heads,
falling in love, hating your own face, pullovers, cowboys, birds, tiptoes, tulips, shaving cream, frogs, hoe's, middle of the road,
video games, america, genitals, constipation, slapping and strangling your man, the blurred lines of consent, fame, yodelling, suicide,
insanity, days of the week, numbers, kids characters, lords prayer, long hair, gnomes, red dresses, drugs, gabber, hippies, sex, onions,
hating music, fast food, grandparents, snooker, Barbie, Bilbo, Blooby, Eileen, space travel, mum, christmas and many other genres etc etc etc

Public Domain Collection with occassional strong lyrics and themes.



Unpop Scholars Corner

Philosophers prefer to talk and write about it at great length.
I prefer to examine it through experience and observation.

15th Oct 2013..... Grayson Perry's BBC Reith Lecture titled 'Democracy has bad taste' hear here

- Slavoj Žižek brainstorms his examples of guilty pleasure ideology with reference to Gangnam Style & King Fu Panda here
- Susan Sontage 'notes on Camp' + kitsch and all that - info here camp is french origin - means 'to pose in an exagerated fashion'
- The Guardian list of intellectuals' Guilty Pleasures here
- Pop Culture & Pop Music is much too important to be taken too seriously [Stuart Maconie, Radio 2, Aug 2013]
- BOOK "Bad Music - The Music we Love to Hate" collected writings edited by C. Washburne & Maiken Derno here
- X-Factor Analogy by Joel Deves : The Judges are the Pimps, the Prostitutes are the Contestants, and the Punters are the voting public. Spot on.

Other excellent resources include

The Worlds Worst Records Blog - 5yrs and running by Darryl Bullock here
Dr Demento has been running a radio show since early 70's here
Kenny Everett UK Radio DJ created his 'Bottom 30' double LP in the 70's - mostly song poems here
US web chart 100 here
UK TV chart voted by public here


HEY - You got it infamy or what !
note to self : Infamy means being famous for something bad
Unpop = The application of pop aesthetics, stylings, or techniques to unpopular, unpleasant, repressed or otherwise censored ideas.

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