Inner Space Memorial
[for JG Ballard]

Sound & Sculpture series in memory of the novelist JG Ballard 1930 - 2009

He lived a mile from my studio in the far west fringes of Greater London

His life was astonishing. His central treatise was 'inner space' [as opposed to outer space]

Sound was a vital part of his narrative landscape

The novel Concrete Island inspired my early project in 1996 The Memory Museum

He died in April 2009 while I was reading his autobiography. I was preparing to go and say hello.

He was a full time father and reading his daughter's Eulogy is inspirational

So I've been moved to produce a multiple of works in memory of his legacy


"Inner Space Memorial [for JG Ballard]"

Loudspeakers, Gramophone Case, Car Stereo Amplifier, CD Player
50 x 42 x 29cm

A sound sculpture where a pair of white speakers have their cones
re-positioned to play back into the void oftheir own cabinets - the inner space
This sits on a black gramophone case like a monolithic memorial plinth

[little MP4 video file above - if it's not working in Windows change your browser prefs to accept MP4]
[NB: the actual sculpture is stationary - not a rotating piece!]




Installation at The Bluecoat Gallery
winter 2009/2010







"Inner Space [for JG Ballard]"

This is the original composition used throughout the series.
A 20 minute hovering shifting uplifting full frequency drone piece
A full blast sound space that envelopes you
an extract is playing for you now - you can leave the sample playing all day long

Inner Space Memorial in Wonderland LP [Dekorder 078]

A1 Inner Space Memorial [for J.G.Ballard]    20:57 .....
Over the years, I have produced a number of works in praise of the ideas of J.G Ballard. He lived just over the river from my home.
While reading his autobiography in 2009, I was wandering how to go and say hello, but found out I was too late.
I produced a monument in honour of him called the 'Inner Space Memorial', part of my Retrospective at the Bluecoat in Liverpool.
A pair of speaker cones were turned around to play back into the void of their cabinets. An epitaph for a great mind.

B1 Wonderland    20:00
Wonderland is the finale of my exhibition soundtrack to "Asleep at the wheel...".  A work that questions where our culture is heading further down the highway ahead.
A single majestic daydream that drives you forwards as reality undertakes you. Location recordings were made in the middle of the night on a footbridge over the M3,
at the end of Ballard's street. Ideal music for when you need to stay awake on the road! I was fascinated to work out that while he was writing Crash and Concrete Island,
the six lane motorway was being built right past the front of his home.




"Fifty Inner Spaces [for JG Ballard]"


50 hand lathed 5" records
During cutting the vinyl, the music is played on a continous loop,
and each record is cut live for 2 minutes wherever it may be
Each of the 50 records will sound different

Sold Out

A split release with Stephan Mathieu on Cronica Records, Portugal, 2009




" Ballardian Soundbites "

Ballard was not a music lover but references to sound in his work are frequently vital

below are a sereis of curated thoughts about sound in the world of Ballard

Kevin Wienke reveals his personal Top 20 references to sound




Below is the Channel 4 TV news article on Ballard's life and legacy


+ here is a 30min TV interview from 1989 [on BBC in UK]




Sydney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, May 2010

exhibited in the group show Inner Space Memorials

see my piece for John Dankworth in the same exhibition



his house went up for sale in July 2011
the old Ford Granada car gone from the drive