Booking Information : Janek Schaefer

The British Composer of The Year [Sonic Art] Award 2008
Winner of The Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers 2008
UK Best Mobile DJ Award 2020


Enquiries - please email Janek at janekschaefer dot com

phone is best +44 [0]7940 570 548


Performance Description:

" Using FM transmitters, vintage boomboxes/radios, other live sound sources, and surround PA, Janek's improvised concerts
are an evocatively woven soundscape combining abstract foundsound source material
with long forgotten vinyl alterations. An evolving dense stream of close focus sound textures,
pulses and frequencies which conjure images of an architectonic landscape,
traversing though Ballard's 'Drowned World'.. .. .. foreground sound.
Searching for The Eternal Moment "


If you are interested in making a booking for me then I'd be delighted in discussing any opportunities that you may have.
I'm available for concerts, sound installations and moving image soundtracks or any other ideas you have of course.

Fees vary according to your budget. The more the merrier. I am a full time Artist


"thanks for being so amazing and patient and fun to work with Janek, and available! Its really so appreciated"
Noemie Lafrance - Rapture commission for Frank Ghery Rooftops contemporary dance soundtrack

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Live at the Flussi Festival : Italy 2015

A custom film projection with synced improvised soundscape


live photo gallery

Belgrade [Serbia] .......... : .......... Poitiers [France] .......... : .......... Nantes [France]:

Paris 2015


"But certainly the most amazing performance of the festival is from the UK’s spectacular Janek Schaefer, whose improvisation,
set in the middle of the room, blows minds and ears with directional panning and a linear and LIVE scape of clicks, drones, loops, and layered samples,
all mixed live from his own innovative record pressings and his dual tone-arm, homebuilt turntable with built-in contact mics.
Interwoven with a subtle and evocative video which corresponds with the lights dropping on Schaefer and leaving us all in darkness,
this man has messed with my goddamn mind. "Art," I mutter, to no one in particular".
Text: TJ Norris ...extract
Discorder Magazine, Canada

"Schaefer isn’t just an ingenious musician and a deeply curious and playful music-maker. He’s also very funny". [Marc Weidenbaum/Disquiet]



Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. England



Norberg Festival. Sweden

Festival in a deserted Mine in a forest in the middle of nowhere in Sweden!
Michael Christiansen [Festival Art Director]
"It was great to see how the crowd gathered around you like a real bonfire - so you actually became a storyteller.
This way of moving the artist into the actual middle of the crowd is very unique, and it gave me some great ideas for next years festival".






Mutek Festival. Montreal. 2002

Text: Guillaume Grenier - Photo: Tobias Van Veen

So there I was, almost ready to quit the place sorely disappointed/deeply frustrated/in horrible pain from my rapport with the Ex-Centris floor. "One more to endure and off I go", I was thinking. People were gradually turning themselves towards the center of the room, where throned Janek's 2-arm turntable. I sat right beside it. Eventually, Janek made his appearance, slowly walking to his work place, telling the crowd "I'm coming... Just grabbing my beer...". "Great, I thought. Just what I need. Another nonchalant fellow." Turns out (at least I think so) he never even glanced at the beer during the set. The atmosphere, more "communitarian" as a result of the convergence of attention towards the center of the room, was also light with laughter in reaction to Janek's words. The attention of the crowd seemed very focused, probably because of the unusual gear/setup and the fact that the guy was closing the show.

Words fail me to express what I felt during this set. What can I say? MAJOR FUCKING TALENT ALERT!!! This guy is a genuine visionary, a true artist. It had it all. The music was incredibly detailed, extraordinary rich. Just with his 2-needle turntable and his knobs, he created multiple layers of sonic beauty. The layers were clearly defined and worked magically well against each other. There was momentum, variety, a *very natural flow*. I tell you it had it all. Changing atmospheres, ranging from ominous tones to an airy breeze. The music was performed with a surgical precision (I kid you not!) with total concentration from the artist. He had written down a score that looked very precise and he glanced quickly at it from time to time to refresh his memory [not so though, it was an improvisation]. He definitely knew where he was headed! It was a truly fantastic journey. I was suspended to his every moves and to the most minute changes in the music. Maybe I'm projecting my own experience here onto the crowd, but the quality of listening seemed especially good. Once in a while, he placed something new on his turntable (strange-looking discs, I don't know what they were exactly) and positioned carefully his needles. The rest of the time, he was manipulating his knobs in an expert fashion. Every tiny move seemed to be a life-or-death operation, and that's where music becomes true art. Sometimes, the sounds had certain similarities with the musique concrete tradition. At other times, it used much purer electronic tones. The music carried a lot of energy, tension. It also had a lot of character, being very much itself.

Totally mind-blowing, my-head-exploding music-making.

The crowd appreciated it a lot too, it seemed. As for me, I thought it was so good as to be a bit ridiculous considering the other stuff happening at the show before. IMO [but I already said that earlier... :)], he so totally dwarfed the other participants of the evening, it's not even funny... I even felt uncomfortable for them...

I tried to clap very energetically, even though I'm not very demonstrative by nature... I feel really stupid/pathetic for not having congratulated/thanked the artist. Everybody seemed to just hang there after the performance, with nobody talking directly to Janek and I didn't break the ice. In a way, this ridiculously long and delayed message is a sort of penitence for that. So, there you go, thank you again Janek for the fantastic music. I bought the CD of his that they were offering, "Pulled Under", on the "audi0h" label. I haven't listened to it yet (can't wait to do it!) so I have no idea if it sounds like the set he did [it does]. If it does, I'll be a very happy man.


Florence Loewy bookshop. Paris


Walker Art Gallery. Minneapolis. Valentines Night

"Dozens of heart-shaped balloons stick to the wall on the 3rd floor gallery; one has the word 'Love' scrawled across it in cursive handwriting. During the last hours of UK experimentalist Janek Schaefer's haunting performance, the balloon has shrivled down to a tiny wrinkled mass. It's 2:00am, and beneath a rosy glow cast by the crimson globes overhead, Schaefer twiddles knobs until a low, mournful drone rises from his kit, warpng Jennifer Rush's 'Power of Love' so that the chanteuse moans like a demonic drag queen. 'I am your lady, and you are my man' she sighs, as if to clarify any gender confusion. In the centre of the room, two women slow-dance to the bizarre ballad, their exaggerated waltz looking like something from a David Lynch film. A handful of voyeurs watch transfixed. Three hours later, just before sunrise, Schaefer is as energetic as ever and wide awake expertly perverting his favourite love songs!"


I also run a Disco for all ages using the best dancing music from the last 100 years

Lucky Dip Disco, and for the kids I am known as Mr Manic, don't panic, my name is Janek

I recently did an all day, all generation party for Deesha,, her feedback is below


list of 30 countries I have performed in