'Glitter in my tears'

based on a true story

26 track CD by Janek Schaefer

Released by Room40 Australia June 2017

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Glitter in my tears CD

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track listing

sparkles into the light of night
beam me up
if only
looking for love
low points
coming to
swallow hole
what comes around
distant signs
reflection waves
dawn draws In
all in the mind
walking in
missing moment
beyond hope
haunted hall
hells bells
forgetting the way forward
falls from favour
tale of two angels
glitter in my tears
conclusions in two minds


Press Release

‘Glitter in my tears’ marks the 20th anniversary of Janek Schaefer’s career as a recording artist, having now released 30 albums.

His music is best comprehended through examining his time as an architect, and how that forged his innate sense for constructing tactile atmospheres, that navigate through unknown structures and forgotten spaces, creating profound new places. Over his career he has placed focus on the relationship between body, medium, and sound, creating a field of work that defies easy definition. An architect of foundsoundscapes.

For Schaefer, the medium plays as great a role as the message itself. He creates music that exposes the marks and memories of a variety of media, as presented in the 26 tracks on ‘Glitter in my tears’, an eclectic album that celebrates the sense of overwhelming desolation held in the music. A subdued cathartic opus.

Each piece is a microcosm of haunted memory, that unites to create a record of melancholic vignettes, and
is easily his most critical recorded work to date. It’s a record that reflects Schaefer’s obsession with texture, atmosphere, and emotive acoustic states. Multiple interludes, like active memories, lace into one another. Their relation is temporal, and shaped very much by the settings in which they are encountered. Like the very best ambient music, ‘Glitter in my tears’ is an acoustic reflector of sorts, rebounding off the places and spaces within which it is experienced. This process means the record is never static, but in a constant state of discovery and rediscovery.

Schaefer comments,

“The album was composed over the last decade, in moments when most people are asleep in the dark, while the lucky ones are still dancing in the lights.

It’s a record of delightful dark emotions evolving from the evocative dreams we yearn for, with our feet firmly on the floor, always wanting more. An unfolding compendium of motifs and repetitive fragments, fading from the memories of our emotions.

Sparkling lights glisten within the hidden shadows of our feelings, with outpourings of love falling through the depths of despair . . . . It is based on a true story”.




Short Film

'Glitter in my tears'


To accompany the calm title track of his stunning new album on Room40, Janek Schaefer has crafted a visual cacophony, by deploying his passion and vast collection of shiny materials. Using different scales of glitter along with petrol, fire, flames, foil, disco lights, sunshine and smoke, he has created a magical work, that puzzles and expands the mind, and is in stark contrast to the sound, as revealed in these screenshots.

"I found myself at the bottom of the garden at midnight with a can of petrol, a turntable of rotating glitters, and my camera, setting fire to the nocturnal sparkles engulfed by flames, and living my dream, by creating chaos".





Stills from the short film : Premiered by FACT magazine




glitter . glitter

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a work of quietly understated beauty - elusive, rarified compositional brilliance - If anything it’s arguably his master opus. Bravo!


Overall .. it recalls more diverse classic chill out albums from The Orb & KLF, which felt playful and less confined to one purpose or expression.

Sigil of Brass

A sober, off-beat beauty of an album with real character . .


rich, slowly floating streams of sad, melancholic Ambient weeps to a tense spine-tingling effect.
A work that requires repeated and focused listening sessions to embrace it in all its detail and beauty.


. . . a quello di David Lynch!

His interest in found sound and his adeptness with a variety of textures is more than impressive, and the fact that he was an architect in a former life shows in his compositions.