Call Roaming

Using mobile phones as random remote location recorders

The idea for ‘Call Roaming’ began when I started receiving accidental phone calls from the mysterious interior of my sister’s handbag raveling around her world. More than 1 Billion people now carry a mobile phone, which has swiftly grown into a sophisticated but simple tool for recording and transmitting sound. We use them in every situation and each of these has a different acoustic quality.

The installation is an ever changing soundscape produced by telephoning random mobile numbers around the world. The lo-fi recordings made by people holding their phone in the air fill the room. Floating from bunches of helium balloons hang disembodied voices describing in various accents where they are and what they see. The ‘Phone-a-Friend’ telephone booth invites you to take part by turning your friend’s mobile into a live location recorder which is transmitted into the space until you hang up.

On April 3rd 1973 the first ever mobile phone call was made.
Martin Cooper of Motorola NYC placed a call from his brand new mobile phone to his arch rival from Bell labs.

Now the mobile is truly a mobile! courtesy of 50 helium balloons.
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Currently looking for a commission to produce this project if you are interested please email me :->



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